Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, i guess its been a while again since I last did some blogging. But for good reason though, I hadn't been really content with the work I was producing and so it felt really wrong posting up my really-horrible-half-hearted... trash. Anyways, but now that I'm back, I thought it be nice to use this blog as more than just a place where I can dump my art onto. Maybe I'd try some of this blogging stuff out. Y'know, a little heart to heart with the internet, do a little emotional sharing yah? yup, ok. sorry if I don't make sense, it happens a lot for me. : P

Anyways, so heres the plan. I'll be posting up one artwork every other day, hopefully. For me, each piece that I have made, since my absense, has some emotional significance to me. I won't lie, I thank God for all that He's brought me through as an artist, and I am where I'm at by His grace. I'll slowly be sharing this as I put up my art since I totally see God's hand as he guides me through this journey. And dood, guys. Don't belittle the Lord, heres why.

This week is like scholarship week at Art Center where some students have a chance to showcase their work in the hallways. It's always been a fun week for us students as we have this chance to relax and admire some of the talent thats been hidden under a rock.... where all the magic happens. Sometimes the stuff up is brilliant, sometimes its just okay. I have to say that the best work I've seen came from these two guys that I know. you should check um out, Noel Jiminez and Andrew Ho. No, i dont have a link. I don't even know if they have a blog or not. O_O
But anyways coming back to this. Both of them are phenomenal artist, and coincidentally both are believers. I mean not just like christian doods though, they are like inlove with the Lord, and I can see how God has really blessed them with tremendous talent. And I have to say, my favorite artists that I've gone to school with are those devoted to the Lord. When you put God's will first, He's gonna provide and you'll prosper wherever you go. It's a priviledge to know these people and over the course Ill introduce some of em to you... maybe. Can I get in trouble for blogging about someone???? gosh...

anyways so heres my first piece, circa October 2010. Man, I'm pooped from all this blogging. I think I'll explain this piece next time.

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  1. yeah man, the turnout was friggin awesome this term. these people worked hard!