Saturday, March 12, 2011


Its really hard at this time to be posting my really superficial art when half way across the world people are suffering some things I could never imagine in my life. Yet as I read the Word of my God, I am convicted that even here among me are ones that will suffer a million times greater pain then that which is happening in Japan and even Haiti or any other world disaster. And it really breaks my heart to think of my unfaithfulness to my God and how sorry I am to the people he put around me that I would selfishly choose my own dignity over their life. I just don't think I can see myself as an illustrator for much longer. For a while now I've felt this way though, that God never meant for me to be doing this for a living, but I've alway clinged to some bit of it. I think know I understand how urgent God's will is, that I can't really waste much more time.

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